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Heart Centered Minds
Bio and Brief Summary of Paper's Focus

My name is Peggy Magilen, and I am a teacher by career who has been looking at these and other important questions regarding "learning disorders".

Teaching for fifteen years, I've known that these individuals spoken of with "apparent" learning and related social problems, are instead
gifted, and capable of bringing help to our world. Because they have been so misunderstood, I was compelled to take a sabbatical to do research, AND, what I have found is a basic paradigm-shifting answer hidden within the complexity of what we call disorders.

These individuals, in our own immediate families, or perhaps a relative or a friend, a spouse, or child of a friend, are right-brain oriented individuals struggling and reacting to a left-brain driven world. It is the right brain that connects us empathically, spatially and inspirationally to the world and beyond, and thereby is our heart connection as well.

Instead of predominantly using the left brain, which organizes incoming information and stimuli in a filtered, sequential fashion, these individuals are aligned more with the
right brain, which works like a satellite dish receiving wide and subtle degrees of information all at once.

While this right brain reception allows for connection, insight and great creativity, the sensitivity of
this very subtle connection can cause stimulation overload and overwhelm.

I have answers that help support the needs and the gifts of right-brain, heart-centered individuals suffering additional stress due to our lack of understanding, and I have answers to "How can we learn from what they bring to us?"

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